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At Coast Sun Gardens Cottage, the health and safety of our guests and employees is always a top priority. COVID-19 has changed the face of our world.
To stay safe and healthy, we have updated our cleaning guidelines and implemented additional processes and procedures as part of the new WeFocus initiative to ensure our and your health, safety and comfort.

We have made recommendations from the WHO and the MOH to ensure the safety of all our guests from arrival to departure.

Covid-19 won't leave us anytime soon.

It is therefore important that we focus on protecting everyone who works with and for us so that you can spend your best days of the year as safely and comfortably as possible.


Below you will find the 5 Steps Protokoll for the Coast Sun Gardens Cottage.


Daily health screening, including temperature controls; Frequent disinfection of all associated public areas; Pool chairs, pool shower, pool table, table tennis and darts.

All cottage employees must disinfect their hands more frequently during the day and when entering / leaving the cottage.
We have carried out thorough training in terms of adequate hygiene and best practices, as well as the proper use of the protective equipment provided by us;

Increased frequency of disinfection.
Hygienic hand disinfectants are placed in all areas of the house, such as toilets, showers and kitchens. Disinfection of railings, door handles, furniture and stairs are carried out daily.

Social distancing
The social distance requirements are 2 meters.

Arrival experience
All cotta guests and their visitors are checked for temperature when entering / leaving the cottage in accordance with the MOH guidelines.

All guests and their visitors must disinfect their hands when entering / leaving the cottage.

Pool furniture is arranged for adequate social distance; just as thorough disinfection after using leisure equipment such as pool billiards, table tennis or darts.



Medical first aid
Msambweni County Referral Hospital
Address: Ukunda-Ramisi Road Ramisi Kwale KE, Msambweni, Kenya
phone number: +254 758 722002